Mary Wellesley studied English Language and Literature at Lincoln College, Oxford, before gaining a PhD from University College,  London in 2017. Her thesis examined the 50 surviving manuscripts of a popular Marian hagiography by the Benedictine monk and poet, John Lydgate. She has published several academic articles on Middle English literature and codicology and recently co-edited STASIS IN THE MEDIEVAL WEST: Questioning Continuity and Change, for Palgrave. From January 2016¬ to March 2018 she worked in the department of Ancient, Medieva l and Early  Modern Manuscripts at the British Library, during which time she was also writing and broadcasting (including contributing to a BBC Radio 4 programme on Julian of Norwich in January 2018). She is now a full time free-lance writer  but continues to teach courses on medieval language and literature  as part of the British Library’s Adult Learning programme. Her work has appeared in The London Review of Books and The Times Literary Supplement, amongst others. 

Mary is working on a book about iconic manuscripts from medieval England.